Cooking with Leftovers: Beef Curry Ramen

If you’re like me, then you probably have plenty of leftovers. It’s hard not to when you cook a dish and have only one person to eat it. Not many people like them. I don’t like them very much becauseI want to eat a freshly cooked dish most of the time.

Nevertheless, food should not be wasted. Although I’m guilty of wasting a LOT of food, I need to find creative ways not to. I grocery shop more often now for fewer items. That means more trips to the market but fresher ingredients when I cook. For leftovers, I find ways to, what my mom used to say, “recycle“, them. I try to incorporate my leftovers in new dishes that I cook. That’s what I did today. I had leftover chicken and vegetables from last night’s Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry as well as a few pieces of beef from a dish I cooked the other day. I had a pack of ramen noodles and a cube of Japanese curry in my cupboard (Can be found in all Asian markets for pretty cheap). I also had eggs in my fridge. So, I decided to put it all together. It took 10 minutes to make and was SUPER easy. Tasted good too! =)

Beef Curry Ramen (Made with leftovers)
1. Boil 2-3 cups of water (I normally don’t use a lot of water because I don’t want too much soup/broth)
2. When water is done boiling, drop in the curry cube and mix thoroughly
3. Add in the ramen packet and seasoning that come with it
4. While that’s cooking (takes about 5 min), cut up leftover chicken and beef into small pieces
5. Drop leftover meat and vegetables with the ramen
6. Turn off the stove and drop in the egg then mix. The egg will still cook because it’s still very hot.

That’s it! It seriously takes around 10 minutes or less to make.



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